Chai Indulgence Loose Leaf Organic Hand Blended Tea
Chai Indulgence
Chai Indulgence
Chai Indulgence
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Chai Indulgence

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This tea is certainly one for the taste buds. Have a seat with a group of friends or on your own and get ready to enjoy the ultimate tea experience. The beautiful flavours of the sticky honey, the malty warmth of the chocolate, finishing with the spice of the chai and hints of chilli. This is a benchmark tea! 


Brewing Guide:

1. Place two generously heaped teaspoons of Chai Indulgence in a stainless steel jug.

2. Add boiling water to cover the mix, approx 30mls and let stand for 20-30 seconds. Add 100mls of milk and steam to 70 degrees.

3. Strain using a mesh sieve into a serving or take away cup. Add extra honey for those who like it sweet.

Ingredients: Organic ceylon tea, organic raw honey, organic cinnamon, organic cardamon, organic star anise, organic cloves, organic ginger, organic cacao nibs, chilli flakes, organic choc drops ( organic cane sugar; organic cocoa mass (cocoa liquor) and organic cocoa butter).

Servings size 30 gram - 15

Servings size 60 gram -  30

Servings size 150 gram - 75

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